as party secretary of Liaohe Oilfield Company to cold Liaohe Oilfield Development Company research guidance.Public information, Zhou Hao was born in October 1963. In 1983, Zhou Hao from the Department of Computer Science, Nanjing University graduate software, assigned to the Ministry of Health, Beijing Hospital, served as secretary of the Communist Youth League Beijing hospitals, health Youth League Committee, Standing Committee, deputy secretary.In 1992, Zhou Hao into the oil ring, directly under the authority of China National Petroleum Corporation, depunike air max 1 sale  ty secretary, in October the following year he was promoted to secretary of the Communist Youth League.His resume shows that ho week long party responsible for Lands and work, and has the title of professor-level senior engineer.Two years starting in December 1996, the vice minister Zhou Hao Petroleum Corporation any of the ideological and political work of the Ministry of Industry group, and served as the Director of Youth Work Department. November 1998, Zhou Hao promoted to level, he served as Minister of Youth Work Department of the Ministry of ideological and political work, part-time secretary of the Communist

 Youth League under the authority.In the meantime, from September 1996 to March 1998, Zhou Hao testing exercise in Shengli Petroleum Administration, Shengli Oil Production Plant Party Committee, deputy director.Since September 1999, Zhou Hao any of Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute, deputy party secretary of the Discipline Committee, the union president. Seven years later, he was promotednike shox r4 cheap  to party secretary Zhou Hao, vice president and director of the Discipline Committee.September 2010, Zhou Hao leave Beijing long-term work, "airborne" to any of Panjin City, Liaoning Province, Municipal Committee, and served as CNPC Liaohe Oilfield Company, party secretary, deputy general manager.Domestic media have reported, the retrieval shows that it worked in the Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, introduced in the House leadership, Zhou Hao, a native of Jiangsu Wuxi. But later transferred to the Liaohe Oilfield, resume this sentence was deleted. Domestic media have alleged, Zhou Hao Department announced in July this year, was filed before the review of the Politburo Standing Committee, Zhou Yongkang, a distant nephew.Liaohe Oilfield,

an employee told the surging news, Liaohe oil Tianzhu Zheng Zhou Hao less than four years, with the former party secretary term proposition vary.The employee said Zhou Hao little contact with their own, but could see some changes to the field after a week-ho. He cited an example, before served as party secretary Zhou Hao, advanced Liaohe Oilfield Bureau staff at this level executives are elected, "he came after finally stop this phenomenon, can get a few of the grassroots." these employees said.Liaohe Oilfield, a retired bureau-level cadres Zhou Hao impression is good, he thought Zhou Hao approachable, to resolutely carry out instructions from their superiors, "Central have any indication, Liaohe Oilfield immediately respond, will open cadres at all levels, work wnike shox agent mensill be. "Above article also quoted Zhou Hao's words: "I do not care go, should resolutely implement the requirements of the company party, reflecting the advanced nature of the Party, Party organizations at all levels to enhance the combat effectiveness." Beijing, December 29 Xinhua reporter on the 29th evening news from the Chinese Ministry of National Defense Affairs Bureau, in consultation with the Government