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suspected of crimes were transferred

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benefit farmers and other" flies "type 143 corruption cases, accounting for the number of filing 36.3%; enterprises investigating violations of the law and discipline cadres 98, accounting for 24.9% the number of filing, transferred to judicial organs for 12 people.In March this year, dealt with a Beihai Fishery and Fishing Harbor Supervision System for the public officer to act as the umbrella issue of illegal fishing, 11 people suspected of crimes were transferred to judicial organs, public officials involved nine.June, investigating the Beihai City Tieshang nike air max 95 cheapang Hing town house rich village cadres and land departments misappropriation of land compensation issues were transferred to prosecutors for investigation of 15 people, including eight public officials involved, the amount of 495,000 yuan confiscated discipline.September, dealt with a Silversea district land office staff Beihai Pan Guangxu, Ye Yong Xiang, Chen Bo, who colluded with others to defraud the land partnership Italica, attachments compensation issue, involving more than 400 million people were dismissed from the above, Pan Guangxu Court of First Instance sentenced to 8 years imprisonment and sentenced to

five years in prison Ye Yong Xiang, Chen Bo sentenced to 1 year imprisonment, suspended for 1 year.Meanwhile, Beihai City Gansu check disciplinary cases against the wind, investigate bamboo salt, Hepu County Department of Transportation, Hepu County fifth school, the city Planning Board to monitor the detachment and other units and cadres eight provisions violate the spirit of the wind problem, punishment of 25 people. Which involves payment of moon cake and other irregularities 4 holiday benefits, paid shopping cards and other welfare violations 8 people, public funds to travel 5 people, public funds, lavish wedding wedding, and other issues Gongjusiyong 8 nike air max 2014 womens   people.Beihai City Commission for Discipline Inspection said it would continue to "tighten the screws, a wound" and vigorously promote the normalization of style construction, long-term oriented. Effectively increase efforts to punish corruption, effectively promoting anti-corruption work. Meanwhile, based on Zhuazao catch small, fixed New Year, Spring Festival, Tomb Sweeping Festival and other important time of the node, reflecting the prominent people to seize the "four winds" issue, effectively increase prevention

education. Strengthen self-construction, to prevent the "lamp black" problem. BEIJING, Dec. 29, according to Gansu Province Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department website news, Gansu Provincial Department of Construction Management Department of Tran air jordan 6 salesportation former Director Zhou Qin too serious violation of law, the organization is currently under investigation. According to the SASAC discipline inspection commission news: The SASAC approval committees, former general manager of China Unicom, Xinhua were information technology and e-commerce division alleged serious violation, the organization is currently under investigation met with difficulty, scoring difficult investigation more difficult ...... lawyer complained of the "three difficult" issue, the future will be resolved in the prosecution specification. Reporters learned that on the 29th, Supreme Procuratorate recently issued "on the law to protect the rights of lawyers to practice requirements," make it clear that lawyers for the prosecution in accordance with law to protect rights.Lawyers focus on solving outstanding problems reflect judicial practice"Respect and protect the rights of

years imprisonment for

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Department  ship construction violations, not made vessel inspection, registration and land and water transport license qualification, nor hired crew competency certificate and does not have the expertise.The court held that Jiang Guoqing, Liang Wansheng, behavior, resulting in a capsized boat and killing five people dead, 4 missing in serious consequences, including Jiang Guoqing, Liang Wansheng constitute the crime of major liability accident, Zhou Yudong constitute a significant labor safety accident crime. Jiang Guoqing, of accidents primary responsibility  negative secondary responsibility. To this end, final order of Major Accident Jiang Guoqing sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for the crime of major liability accident Liang Wansheng sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, suspended for three years, with significant labor safety accident crime Zhou Yudong sentenced to three years in prison, suspe  nike air max 2015 womens  nded for five years. BEIJING, Dec. 29 - According to the National Health and Family Planning Commission website news, the National Health and Family Planning Commission has informed the Office of the special action to combat illegal practice work. During the

 special operation, the country has dealt with 44,000 cases of unlicensed practice of medicine, medical institutions, family planning technical service institutions 41,000 cases of illegal.Since October 2013, according to the National Health and Family Planning Commission and other six departments deployed throughout a period of one year to carry out the further consolidation of medical practice in order to combat illegal special action (hereinafter referred to as the special action). During the special operation, the country has dealt with 44,000 cases of unlicensed practice of medicine, medical institutions, family planning technical service institutions 41,000 cases of illegal "two non-" case of 6833, 966 cases of deception Yituo since Forfeiture 220 million Yuan, practicing  nike air max tn sale   license revoked 165, 2833 cases transferred to the police, since 1256 criminal case, criminal detention 1373 people, destroyed 32 criminal gangs.By conducting special operations, promote the improvement of relevant policies and measures to optimize the layout of medical resources, standardized management of medical institutions, medical service capabilities can be improved, people's medical treatmen

t more safe and convenient. Small arch corrupt official, "fly-style corruption" phenomenon much people criticized. Beihai City Commission for Discipline briefing on the 29th, this year, the city's 195 leading cadres have been disciplined, up 22.6%, of which 9 level cadres, an increase of 200%.According to the briefing, this year, the North Sea city discipline inspection organs at all levels to accept letters and visits from the telephone to report 1619 (times), up 34.9%; filing 197, an increase of 18.3%.Informed that the party's 18 years, the North Sea Commission for Discipline Inspection dealt with a key focus on key areas of discipline and law departments, cadres of dereliction of duty, the case that harm public interests "fly-style" corruption, corruption and other enterprises four aspects.In the fournike air max tn uk   aspects of a case, the investigation of the relevant administrative departments leading cadres 119 disciplinary cases, accounting for 30.2% the number of filing, transferred to judicial organs for 12 people; investigating "not official", "slow as official," and " Official chaos as "leading cadres of dereliction of duty and other 82 cases, accounting for 20.8% of the number of filing; investigate the rural grassroots party members and cadres of corruption, embezzlement, impersonator, embezzlement of funds to

from the source to eradicate

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 establishment of a "blacklist" system, increase the undocumented workers and illegal practice of medical institutions in serious cases the exposure intensity, discipline dishonest behavior, promote the industry credit system. At the same time, we must insist on combining guidance, the principle of tackling the problem from the source to eradicate the illegal practice to survive the soil. Gansu Province Public Security Bureau on the 29th meeting of the "people's livelihood and the five actions" progress briefing that Gansu is to strengthen the "nursing school" actionnike air max 2015 mens, which was recently issued a public security organs guard patrol around the campus (for Trial Implementation), requires that each of the school with a community police as vice president of legal and urge schools to carry out legal education, to further improve campus safety.Gansu Province Public Security Bureau Public Security Corps deputy captain Zhang Yuhui introduction, through research, Gansu total schools, kindergartens 15139, by region is divided into 809 patrol areas, while the public security organs will be 1679 and 1235 primary patrol area included in the scope of kindergarten and the establishment

of a "nursing school Kong" 3530, the police involved in the activities of daily nursing school, security, teachers, volunteers, 10,661 people, 4,571 units times duty vehicles.Zhang Yuhui, said patrol guard mechanism in accordance with the requirements of the campus, the public security organs in Gansu need 86 counties (cities, districts) urban schools, kindergarten early, night school and after school hours, sending community police on duty at the time designated patrol the campus entrance, and strengthen internal campus "air defense, anti-mattair jordan 6 mens   er, anti-technology" building.Zhang Yuhui explained within the campus' air defense, anti-matter, anti-technology "building, the province has 15,814 people with campus security officers, security guards and 5156 full-time people, equipped with shields, batons, and other protective equipment and explosion-proof fork screen monitoring equipment were 12638 (sets).In addition, Gansu public security organs and urban management, cultural, industrial and commercial sector to work together, on the impact of the environment surrounding the campus cafes, hotels, rental housing, the printing industry, the acquisition of used goods stores, entert

ainment, game room, bookstall, canteen, snack stalls remediation and clean-up, etc. norms, investigation and remediation total chaos surrounding the campus security point 817, inventory game rooms, Internet cafes and other places 1013.Zhang Yuhui pointed out that the public security authorities issued a guard patrolling around the campus (for Trial Implementation), aimed at forming a long-term mechanism of security around the campus yesterday, confirmed one case of H7N9 cases in Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Keqiao District, female patients, only 20 years old Now living in Keqiao District Anchang, one week prior to the onset has been to the farmers market, no clear history of exposure to poultry, currently in critical condition, still in active treatment. This is the firnike air max 2014 mensst five cases of H7N9 cases this winter, Zhejiang confirmed. ) Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Committee, said on the 29th evening briefing took place in the afternoon of Guangzhou Phoenix Mountain tunnel construction site collapse accident has killed five people were buried. As of press time reporter, rescue works are still in progress.According to official notification, at 17:00 on the 29th or so, the upper

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